What we do: 

CS Training UK Ltd offer high quality and effective training in Leadership & ManagementCoaching & MentoringCustomer Services and Personal  Development.

You can train with us using a variety of methods:

eBITES on-line courses for quick training

On-line complete courses for more substantial training and impact

Face-to-face as part of your organisations training 

Professional Qualifications in Coaching & Mentoring (ILM Level5), Leadership & Management (ILM Level 5) and Customer Services (BTEC Level 2) 


eBITES training courses

  Introducing eBITES on line courses 

CS Training UK offer on-line training courses to meet busy schedules.

These courses are designed for you to gain key strategies, approaches, tips or tricks in your chosen area.

They are selected from substantial training courses and made readily available. 

Bite size courses in aspects of Leadership & Management and Personal Development.

Courses are just £2.99 each

Full access to the complete suite of courses is available 

10 users: £98 (per year) 

100 users: £685 (per year)

Truly 'Affordable, Efficient and Effective'.

Click here for more information on using eBITES eBITES link

Find out more about our Coaching & Mentoring,

Leadership & Management and Customer Service qualifications 

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Find out more about our Coaching & Mentoring, 

Leadership & Management and Personal Development courses 

1-to-1 Coaching Leadership & Management Personal Development