Qualifications in your 

CS Training UK can run and deliver these courses in your workplace for groups of up to 20 people.

The qualifcations are fomed of a mix of  face-to-face delivery and on line learning. 

Further support is offered via Skype, Webinars and individual support needs. 

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   Qualifications for 

CS Training UK offer these courses to individuals wanting to up-skill and qualify to nationally recognised standard.

The qualifcations are formed of small group and on line learning with focused individual support.

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eBITES training courses

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Introducing eBITES

CS Training UK offer on-line training courses to meet busy schedules.

These courses are designed for you to gain key strategies, approaches, tips or tricks in your chosen area.

They are selected from substantial training courses to be made readily available. 

Bite size courses in aspects of Leadership & Management and Personal Development.

Courses are just £2.99

Truly 'Affordable, Efficient and Effective'.

(You will need to be able to play Flash files and have audio for these courses) 

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Training Courses

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Affordable, Efficient & Effective training in Leadership & Management , Coaching, Customer Service, Personal Development. 

Face-to-face, eBites, Webinars

Dedicated to Development

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